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Wiper Delay Module


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So I've searched and found information about the wiper delay module being
under the dash. Problem is all the threads talking about this are for pre-97 XJs. My girlfriends 99's wipers work properly on low and high, on delay they work on low speed, no delay. The Haynes manual wiring diagram shows a delay module, but says nothing about where the heck it is. I would like to find it and see if i could check it by swapping the one out my 98. Where is it???
Well, by only looking at the wiring diagram in the Hayne's manual, I would say that the "module", is what they call the intermittent wiper logic. And it looks like it is an integral part of the wiper switch. And it gets worse, as it says in the text, the wiper switch is part of the multi-function switch (lights, turn signal, etc.).

On the plus side, the wiring diagram might suggest there is a replaceable wiper motor relay in the switch, that may have something to do with the int. function.

May be time to ditch the Hayne's and get more specific repair info, like the factory service manual, or take a trip to the dealer. Let us know, i'm curious!
Hallo. The old black wiper delay units (4"x2"x1.1/4") are sticked under the dash by the steering column. Why not anymore by the newer Jeeps? You can find it by listening, it will tick when switching.:cool:

'92 XJ
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Bad news. FSM 2000 says the intermittant relay and logic is contained within the switch. Good news. The switch is not part of the multifuction switch. Probably not too expensive at the junkyard.
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