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Test wiper delay box out of Jeep (84-96)


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Does anyone know if it’s possible to take part of the wiring harness out of a jy jeep and use it to test wiper delay boxes? My thinking is if I can piece out the section to the switch and to the wiper motor it should work.
Ive been looking at this diagram. I think If i use the factory fuse box for the circuit breaker and clip wires 2 and 7 for the intermittent module output this may work. I just need to extract the wires from inside a jeep. please correct me if I'm missing something
You are going to need the matching delay wiper arm. My intermittent wipers only work....intermittently. most of the time I only have low high or off.
Looks simple enough to do if you have some electrical knowledge. Basically 12v in and grounds. You'll need the pigtails for the wiper delay module, and I would use a known good working wiper/washer switch. Then you just hook up your 12v battery and plug in the delay box. cheapest route would be using a multimeter with alligator clamps and seeing if theres continuity out of each "pin" or wire. If you're making a large scale to test a bunch of boxes you can use 12v incandescent bulbs or modify a "test light" and use this to visually see if theres voltage running tru.

So basically, knowledge is a bit rusty... but fused 12v to pin 4 (bottom of delay box diagram), pin 2 (bottom of delay box diagram) test light and to ground (visually see if pump works)/multimeter. and basically like that for the motor using a test light or multimeter for readings. and if you use the wiper switch you can easily select the different settings. Using the pigtails with wires and wiper switch makes it relatively plug and play
Or if you are just having problems I bought a used wiper delay box off ebay for $60 and it fixed my problems with my wipers. Saves time and headache
Isn't your XJ the "testbed"? Or is there something else wrong?