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Electrical issue


NAXJA Forum User
I've been having an electrical issue lately. I'm not experienced in this stuff, and hoping Y'all can tell me where to start looking:

This has occurred three times in the last few months. It happens at completely random times while driving. The electricity died in part of the jeep. It cut off for about ten seconds, then came right back on again like nothing happened.

The power went out to:

  • Radio & instrument panel lights [Fuse 2]
  • Heater fan [Fuse 5]
  • Turn signals (but not hazard lights) [Fuse 8]

All other systems continued to run properly; the ignition, headlights, etc, were unaffected. I could not see the voltmeter during this occurrence, but the rest of the time it has been reading normally, around 12 - 14 volts.

This is the first time this Jeep has ever had any type of electrical problem. I don't know what brought on this issue, and I have been unable to repeat it on command.

I have replaced all the fuses under the dash. I'm hoping that helps, only time will tell. I did replace the alternator about six months ago, as the old one had developed squeaky bearings.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?
Nice, thank you.

Would that explain the power going out to only some systems in the car, while the engine kept running nicely?