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Code Reader recomendations


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Does anyone know of a cheap code reader that shows all the jeep codes for a 2000 XJ?

It needs to be low priced as I'm on a very tight budget. I looked for old threads but for the last 20 pages or so I couldn't find any recommendations, and the threads I did find recommendations, but the ones I saw are 2+ years old, and the OBD readers that were recommended are no longer made.

I ask mainly because I learned the hard way that not all readers work properly as I have a 8-10 year old OBDII reader, but it is giving me a bunk code P0100. The last time I had read that code I took it to a mechanic and his reader showed a completely different code.

I also have one of the early ELM blue tooth OBDII readers, but that one I never could get that one to work on the 98 zj I used to own, nor the 2000 XJ I currently own, but it works fine on the non-Chrysler vehicles I tried it on.
Cheap is in the eye of the beholder.

Do you want a simple coder reader? Do you need live data? Graphing? ABS? SRS?

Do you want one with battery conditions/reset, TPMS? May not need them now

Does your 8-10 year old scanner correctly read other vehicles?

So low priced? How low?
When I say cheap I mean sub $100, and literally as low as it can be.

I mainly need codes, and to reset. The rest would be nice, but I know that isn't feasible.

As for my cheap reader... I've been thinking about it I'm not even sure its ever worked with the XJ as the only other time I recall using it the thing threw me a p0100 error which is when a completely different code was read from a mechanics snap on.

I know it worked on the zj I owned as I used it a handful of times, but other then that other cars in the family haven't thrown the check engine lights ever so I never used it on them.
cool thx I think I'll give that one a shot

I also see in the reviews other owners of older jeeps saying it worked great on their jeeps
Unless you need/want a BT based reader like lawsoncl, have a look at the Autel MS300. It's as basic as you can get and is only $17 on Amazon.


A step up (still within your range) is the Autel AL519. This one displays readiness monitors, live data and graphing for $60.


I started with the MS300 many years ago as my first OBDII reader. I now have the AL 519.

It still doesn't do "next level" diagnostics (SRS,ABS,Battery, etc) but it works just fine on my 2003 Mazda Protege5, 2018 Hyundai Tucson, 2001 Acura TL and a host of neighbors' and friends' cars and trucks both foreign and domestic.
ahh forgot to reply to this yea I bought that BT one and actually got it the next day worked great in reading the code from the jeep. So thanks for the heads up on it.

One of the scanner apps I had ScanMaster crashes with it though when it accesses it, but no biggie torque lite worked fine with it.