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Winterfest 2011 registration.


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The event will be held at the BADLANDS OFFROAD PARK, in Attica Indiana.
Winterfest is about friends, bacon, fried food, campfires, oh, and 'wheeling!
This year for the first time ever, Winterfest will be a TWO DAY event!
The mornings are filled with organized trail runs lead by experienced trail leaders and gunners. Be sure to pack a lunch, because at mid day, in the Quarry, there will be fun activities, Jeep games, an obstacle course, and for the Jeepin' couples, we will have a "wives run", think you can handle it? Relationship counselors will be standing by!
This year we have an EXTRA special event in the quarry, at noon Saturday!

You will have your choice of trails to fit your experience and build level. Choose a different run each morning.
Easy (Green) - All vehicles welcome
Medium (Orange) - At least, 33" aggressive tires, one locker, lift
Hard (red+) - No Dana 35's, at least 33' aggressive tires, 35" recommended, 2 lockers, lift
Revs Run - All vehicles other then stock, no regard for body damage.
Do you want a taste of more? In the afternoons, feel free to organize your own group and explore the park further, test your abilities and build.

The full schedule of events are as follow,
Thursday Night:
Unofficial dinner at Robies
5:30PM Robie's Restaurant & Bar
Sign up here: http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1045145
109 W Main St, Attica, Indiana 47918
Early registration 8:00PM to 9:00PM at the Campground.

9:00AM Registration
10:30AM Trail runs
1:00PM Quarry Lunch, play time, Jeep games
2:00PM Trail runs (pick-up runs)
6:00PM Pot luck at campground
Attica Family Campground
3970 N. Xavier Road, Attica, Indiana 47918 - (765) 762-6189

9:00AM late registration
10:00AM trail runs
1:00PM Quarry - Special Event, group photo to follow
2:00PM Pick up trail runs
6:30PM Dinner at VFW
VFW Post 3318 P.O. Box 181, Attica, IN 47918
203 S Market St, Attica, Indiana 47918
Campfire following dinner

Winterfest dinner Saturday evening wraps up the event.
Come hungry for a catered meal, prize filled raffle, and awards ceremony. There will be prizes for all sorts of categories.

Registration fee is, $30.00 for per vehicle.
Price includes, one event T-shirt, one dinner ticket for Saturday night's dinner, a winterfest 2011 sticker, a memorial dash plaque, and two raffle tickets.
Children under 8 will eat for free.

Price does NOT include BADLANDS Off road park fees or camping fees, you will need to pay those separately.

A limited amount of Winterfest T-shirts will be available at the event. Plenty of NAXJA and M.W.C. T-shirts, and raffle tickets can be purchased there, along with Hoodies, coozies, vehicle flags, and other MWC swag.

Sign up Here
Thanks for the updated info! FB page will be updated momentarily!

I have registered Camille and myself. If everyone will please follow suit the way that did it, it will make things much smoother for those involved with registration. I just quoted the original post and added to or took away from it as needed. Very simple.


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Pre-registered for Myself + 1 Old Fart :D
Done. See you guys there. Back to my hiatus!
As a newbie I have a couple questions. Now can i purchase an additional meal ticket for the gf or do I just pay the full registration fee for both of us? Also I will only be attending saturday and if I am not sure which trails I will run, should I put all the trails I may want to run or must I pick one? Thanks and looking forward to it!
Same price one or two days.

Yes, you can purchase an additional dinner. Look at the requirements for trails and pick one.

If anyone cannot get access to MWXJ PM me and I will see to it.

On top of the registration fee, that does NOT include paying badlands or does it? I was a passenger last year and I cant remember.
It does not cover the cost of entering the park.

Nor does it cover camping at the campground if you choose to stay there.
:yelclap: Just registered Tara and myself
I think he is asking if it will be 30 for a extra meal ticket, or is there a discount. I think there was last year but I don't see it this year.

Same price one or two days.

Yes, you can purchase an additional dinner. Look at the requirements for trails and pick one.

If anyone cannot get access to MWXJ PM me and I will see to it.

it should all be outlined in the original post or over on the registration page.
Question, i have a passenger who does not want a T-shirt and may not want the dinner what would he have to pay? or is there gonna be a separate time to pay were you can choose what your gonna want

also is there 3x shirts available?
yes, there are 3x shirts.

I don't believe there is cost for riders that will not be attending dinner or wanting a shirt. The number of dinners and shirts will be determined by preregistration, with a few shirts extra for sale at the event, I'm certain there will be no 'extra' 3x's tho.
Rewster, the only fee that your friend will incur is the fee that the Badlands will charge for his entry. If he wants to take part in dinner or a shirt, of course he will have those fees to the MWC.
Ten-fer guys thanks

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All signed up. I'm all official and stuff. This is gonna be AWE................

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