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More Broken Bow Lake


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Seems to have become my go to spot only being a few hours away. I still have lots of unexplored(to me) area to run around on.

My mom came out and watched the kids and Zippo and myself ran off to Broken Bow lake for the weekend in the Jeep with 2 of the dogs.

First night we stayed on a site that overlooks part of the lake. Really nice spot but we got hammered with storms overnight that caused some serious damage when they were in Texas. By the time they got to us they were mostly rain and wind thankfully.




The next morning we moved off that spot and spent the day meandering around the lake exploring old FS roads and waypointing potential camp sites some of which looks like they haven't been used for dispersed camping in a very long time. Due to the storm the night before and other storms previous to this one there were downed trees everywhere. I bought a lithium battery powered saw just for this purpose and after using it on this little trip I will not be leaving without it again. It's not fast but it get the job done without having to pack along a whole gas can just for 2 cycle fuel.

Had to get some glamor shots in.





We stumbled across a stray dog, which of course we had to stop and help and find the owner for. Luckily they answered quickly and he was returned home within an hour.


We decided cutting though this snarl was too much and turned around. I wouldn't have had enough battery to make it all the way though. Probably would have burned up a chain in the process.


It was right at a water crossing and I did manage to find somethign I had been keeping my eye open for all day. A small creek with a "bathtub" where a small waterfall had washed out part of the creek. It was COLD water but I got a little bit of a bath in while we were there.

Warning. Put on your sunglasses before the next pic. Paleness may burn your retinas.


WE also found a friend nearby.

The second night Zippo insisted on a lakeside camp site so we went to the only one we could find which is ran by the county, it is free though. Translation, there was a shitload of people there. We managed to find our own site down a rutted road that I don't think anyone else wanted to take their RVs or campers down. It was predictably trashy, from when you get to many yahoos in one area. We cleaned it up a bit and hauled a garbage bag full of garbage out with us and cleaned up the firepit and rest the fireside log benches. Good deed for the day complete. Also tons of fallen trees finding firewood for the foreseeable future around Broken Bow lake will not be problem.




Headed home yesterday. Don't worry the dog's watching where we're going. Spent a little while unloading, cleaning, and storing gear, washed the Jeep right before a large storm cell hit us and called it a day.