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Up-Country 2.5L (Yes this is modified tech)


NAXJA Forum User
So I'm going to put a upcountry suspension from a 4.0 XJ under my 2.5. Anybody know how much lift i will get?
My stock springs are saggy anyway so I figure it is worth the $60 no matter what.
Under a 4.0L the Up Country is worth about an inch -- maybe 1-1/4". The 2.5L is lighter, so I'll guess your going to net maybe 1.75" to 2" in the front. The rear will be the same as a 4.0L, so you might want to grab a pair of MJ shackles (still available from Mopar dealers, as far as I know) to make up the extra half inch in the rear.
Well I put a 3" coil in and got 4" so I would guess 2" HTH!