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trade my 31's Truxus


NAXJA Forum User
charlotte nc
I would like to trade my 31" Truxus and black rock crawler wheels, I love these tires offroad, but would hate to waste them on the road.
I will be driving on the road alot more this year and need some AT tires that are more road friendly .Will trade for wheels also just so i don't have to pay to have them remounted. My tires can be seen in the link in my sig. the wheels have some rock rash the tire have about 70% tread left and no cuts or plugs or patches..If your interested shoot me a pm.
man just last weekend i sold my 31x10.5's bfg at's on 767's with only at 1000 miles just so i could some more agressive tires and was looking at the truxus.....if you wanna just sell them, what would you want for them?