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Tire Decision - Debating between AT and MT

Then you may be good at 30 at 20 shoulders may wear.

What im getting at is you gota do the work and actually figure it out 5 10 minutes of your time.

And yes contact Patch vs on road handling compromises can occure.

30-35 seems to be the magic psi for jeeps and light truck. Why? Because none spend the time to figure 28s maybe money.

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In almost 40yrs of owning a XJ and 32-33's I have found 28front/26rear works best and I air down to 14front/12rear!
Heres the thunderer mt on my truck. Not to loud and pretty smooth. I mounted myself with balance beads. 1000 bucks to my door 295 70 17
Saved about 900 compared to local tire shops.

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I've ran a number of big name tires in all different sizes and I'm currently on the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss MT's. They have been my favorite tire by far. I have about 17-20 thousand miles on them currently and they've worn very evenly. They see a minimum of 30 miles per day, have wheeled hundreds of miles of trails from Windrock, Harlan, Moab, Sand Hollow, etc. They have great road manners and hook in all conditions.

I install quite a bit of the Nittos as well. In my experience, they're a great road tire that does decent offroad. Anything wet or mildly muddy, they perform pretty poorly.

I wheel with a few guys who run the KM3's and have seen numerous sidewall failures and they run pretty small as well. The plus to the KM3 is it's probably one of the lightest weight MT's out there, but what you save in weight, you lose in strength.

The Baja Boss AT is one of the best all terrain tires I've seen. They're aggressive enough to compete with some mud terrains, but still have great road manners and a nice tough look to them.
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