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Taking the re-gearing plunge...


I Jeep, therefore, I am..
Greensboro, Ga
I'm getting ready to order a 4.56 gearing package deal from Drivetrain Direct within a week or so. My choice for front gears is a no brainer, when my choice is between Superior and Dana... I'm going with Dana. However, the choice of gears I have for my 29 spline 8.25 rear are either Precision or Superior. Which would you choose for the rear gear set? Thanks..

A buddy of mine's dad used to be a circle track racer. He was sponsered by Precision Gear. So,needless to say,my buddy runs Precision's in his 350HP street Camaro. He breaks 'em on a regular basis,but since they're in good with the company,they get them replaced for free. I'd say go with Superior, too. :D