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96 XJ rear axle ratio


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Hi all,

My current overland rig is a 1997 4.0L, 4WD, AX15 manual with the original 3:07 gearing in the 8.25 rear end. While the 8.25 in my rig does have a factory LSD, I'm pretty sure its shot. My goal is to eventually re-gear to 4:10.

My local yard just got in a 1996 2.5L, 2WD, AX15 manual that looks like it has been treated well. It also has an 8.25 rear end. I looked for a ratio tag but did not find one. Looking at wikipedia, its a little bit difficult to tell what the ratio for this setup should have been from the factory. Would it have been a 4:10 rear end? I know I can count the teeth on the gears, etc, but I didn't have time to do that today and I am just wondering if I need to go back to the yard this weekend. I've also read that the axle shaft spline count on these is potentially 27 versus 29 splines. What's the easiest way to figure that out (and how much does it really matter)?

One last thing: Lets say this rear end at the yard IS a 4:10 8.25. Can I eventually pull my factory LSD from my current axle, rebuild it, and combine it with the 4:10 gears in the other axle to get a semi-locked 4:10 rear end? I think I've read that the 8.25 doesn't have a carrier break, so in theory I could use the LSD carrier with either set of ring gears, correct?
A '97 would have a 29 spline and yes the axles have to match the side gears in the carrier. The LSD would fit in the same carrier, the break in splines came about somewhere in '96 so be aware of that.
I'm not positive and don't have the parts list at the moment to check, but I thinking the carrier will be different between trak-lok and non-trak-lok, as well as different due to the 3.07 versus 4.11 ratios.
Yes the OP would have to his carrier AND no there is no carrier break for 8.25's.