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t-case help a.s.a.p


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Surrey B.C
I went and sold what I thought was an np231 but it turns out it was a 242 instead my question is what do you have to do to make it work in a jeep that was originally a 231 truck or should I give him his money back and call it a day any help is great oh jeep guru's........p.s it's out of an auto into a stick if it mater's both are non disco...
if he's at all picky, give him his money back now and get on with life....

even if you match spline counts and stuff, his shifter gate is not a match, nor is the plate, and his indicator lights will probably not work. He won't be used to the "lag" that 242 owners are used to.......

Basically, if he's picky all you'll hear from him is bitch-bitch-bitch...........
What Beezil said.

Give him his money back, and then tell me secretly what kind of deal you'll give me on the 242 'cause I'd like to have one behind my 5-speed in the '88. (JK)