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Sierra fest 2021 - when are you going ?


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If youre doing rubicon are you coming in Monday Aug 9th, Sunday Aug 8th, or Sat Aug 7th ?

Im probably heading into the rubicon either sat aug 7th or sunday aug 8th.
We need to know who is going in monday the 9th at 9am and might need a trail leader for monday?

As for hermit are you coming up weds, thurs, or friday? Or even just sat for the bbq and raffle?
I plan to be at Loon Monday morning.
matt and I will be coming to hermit valley friday morning
Loon Sunday afternoon. Hermit probably Thursday if we don't stay over night in tahoe.
Based on semi recent events, I will probably only be making it to Hermit for the BBQ; if that.

I broke my ankle on the 10th and I don't think that un-even ground and jumping in and out of my Jeep are the best idea. Plus I dont think that I will have the time to do the maintenance I want to do prior to the trip.

That in combination with my Daughter being due 2 weeks later I just don't know if I want to make the trip longer than needed. Main internal debate at this point is if I want to bring my MJ so I am at least there in a jeep or do I take mine or the wife's daily so I am comfortable in AC for the drive. Guess weather will be the main determining factor.
Sorry to hear that Casey that sucks.
Sorry to hear about your leg Casey. It is always fun wheeling with you.

I will be at Loon Sunday Night.

I have upped my date to driving up Saturday and camping at Loon spillway or thereabouts then going in on Sunday to see the RTF property and meet everyone on the trail Monday morning.

We will be at Hermitt Valley Thursday afternoon. Save me a good camping spot
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I will be driving up to hermit valley on Friday morning now. Might just meet everyone at the bottom of slick rock and swim at utica ... see you all then