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Official SierraFest 2021 Thread

Back around Memorial day and up Ice House from hw50 we almost rear ended a lady in a Saturn parked right in the middle of the road and on her phone around a blind turn at like midnight. Coincidence?
If someone that is doing the Rubicon can take a tape measure and get some measurements of the existing small porter potties that would be awesome.

Better than that, if someone could take like 40 or more pictures of any and all angles and specifics of the bathrooms that would be awesome. Inside and out; top and bottom; the more the merrier.

Ideally, I would like to keep the design of the Wag bag rooms similar to the existing bathrooms so there is a cohesive feel throughout the trail and RTF Property.
Ill be at the rubicon trail head monday between 8am-9am. See you guys there. Ill lead the monday group in.