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Sierra Fest 2020 Itinerary


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You wont have cell service, so print out if you need to:

We will be doing tech inspections make sure you meet the minimum requirements and make sure you do a nut and bolt check including your leaf spring Ubolts !

Main Raffle Tickets are 5$ each

Here is a consolidated Itinerary for Sierra Fest 2020:

Monday Aug 10th
Rubicon Part 1:
8:00am Meet at loon lake spillway at 8am, air down, disco sway bars, lock hubs, etc
8:30am Hit the trail - if you are there after 8:30 you will need to catch up, so be there early and this is why we recommend camping the night before
Monday Night- camp at Buck or Rubicon Springs depending on how the day goes

Tuesday Aug 11th
- free day, relax, or wheel to springs if you camped at buck
- Dinner : Taco Tuesday !

Weds Aug 12th
7:30am - leave Rubicon Springs by 7:30am, so be up early to pack
TBD - stop at observation point for pics and snacks
TBD - air up at staging
TBD -Head into South lake tahoe - refuel, resupply do laundry, grab lunch
TBD -Head to Markleeville Hot springs or straight to hermit valley
TBD -Gas up in Markleeville if needed and Head to Hermit valley

Thurs Aug 13th
Free day at Hermit/Alpine for Rubicon folks . Relax, go to the lake
Optional Night run up Deer Valley
Some of us will be eating at lake alpine lodge on thursday and the lodge has coin op showers open to the public so bring quarters
Some folks who did not run rubicon might take Strawberry Pass trail from 50 to 88, hit up Casey on here if you are interested

Friday Aug 14th
Hit Deer valley at 9am
Head to marklevilel hot springs
gas up in Markleeville
Head back to camp

Saturday Aug 15th:
8:00am - leave for slick rock

5-9pm - BBQ Dinner and Land Use Raffle !

Loon Lake Spillway:
Take wentworth springs or Ice house road to loon lake, drive over the dam at loon, and down below is the staging area/spillway where we will meetup

Hermit Valley :
coming from Arnold:
make sure you map your route before you leave . Hermit is 9 miles past lake alpine (about 30 min drive) down ebbets pass on Highway 4 on the left right past silver creek bridge

Coming from Markleeville:
Hermit is 24 miles past Markleeville, roughly 45 minutes from Markleeville, on your right. you are about halfway up ebbets pass here.

Main Raffle Tickets are 5$ each , there will be a ton of cool prizes.
So my normal when camping out of the jeep is to keep all my food locked up in the jeep at night with the windows up, but this year I am going with half doors on the front.

What do the rest of you with no doors or half doors do to keep the critters and bears away? Or is it not a problem? :dunno:
ill be up late Thursday morning. ill be trailering my rig this year and bringing my 8yr old since she doesn't start school till the next Monday. hopefully there will be a camp spot to park my truck and trailer since it was packed last year with barely any room for just my jeep by the time we got up there.