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Official SierraFest 2021 Thread


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NAXJA Member
Its that time to post the official SierraFest 2021 Thread!!


Event held between Saturday, August 7th to Sunday, August 15th, 2021.

Pricing: Pricing is the same for the full week or just the Rubicon only or Hermit Valley only - price includes Taco Tuesday and Hermit Valley BBQ for two adults, additional adults 18+ are $5, kids free + 1 event t-shirt or tank top (your choice) in size small to 4X, men's and women's.

NAXJA Red Name Members: $60
Non-Red Name Members: $95 (become a member for $35 and pay the $60 NAXJA member rate!

Additional t-shirts/tank tops: $20
Hoodies: $35 (TBD if zip-up or regular hoodies, will update once finalized)
Tall sizes or long-sleeve shirts: +$5

At the event:
T-shirts/tank tops: $25
Hoodies $40


Saturday August 7th: Camp at Loon Lake spillway

Sunday August 8th: Group heading in to the RTF Property, NAXJA spot and camping until Tuesday August 10th.

Monday August 9th: Anyone who camped Sunday night and heading in Monday, meet up at RTF NAXJA spot - those at the NAXJA spot, wheel the Granite View Loop and hang out.

Tuesday August 10th: Wheel in to Rubicon Springs - that evening, Taco Tuesday! party1:

Wednesday August 11th: Wheel out to Tahoma - re-stock on supplies, some stopping at the Markleeville Hot Springs (reservations required) and others going straight to Hermit Valley/others spending the night in South Lake.

Thursday August 12th: Free day around Hermit Valley/Lake Alpine - night run up to the top of Deer Valley for those interested.

Friday August 13th: Deer Valley Trail from highway 4 side to 88 and back around on pavement - optional night run if enough interest, back up Deer Valley or even Slick Rock if enough interest.

Saturday August 14th: Slick Rock Trail - start in the morning and to the waterfall and back, some will go back around on pavement and others wheel back through - Saturday night is the BBQ and raffle!! :sunshine:

Sunday August 15th: Pack up and head home!
The official "Whose going" list:

cjmike - Whole Trip
Gordo - Whole Trip
AlBoyXJ97 - Whole Trip
Blondejon - Whole Trip
Nickangus - Hermit Valley
JeepMe + Matt - Hermit Valley
Justin Cordova - Whole Trip
Bryan C - Hermit Valley
Goose - Hermit Valley
XJensen - Hermit Valley
Nates2000XJ - Hermit Valley
EricsXJ - Whole Trip
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Here’s our 2021 SierraFest shirt design
I am planning/hoping to make it to Hermit.

Any possibilities of having more magnetic koozies this year?
Ill be there
ill be there for the Hermit Valley portion
Thanks everyone for posting up so quickly! The list is updated as to who has messaged me as of today at this time of posting.

Also please PM me/facebook/instagram/email to [email protected] your desired shirt/shirts/tanks/hoodie sizes and I can send invoices.

Thank you!

Updated shirt photo, I posted the one from the stickers and coozies earlier..

And yes to Goose’s question, we plan to have magnetic coozies this year to include with your registration swag and additional coozies for $5

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Would anyone be interested in Beer Steins with the Logo etched into them? They would be similar to the pint glasses my wife and I donated for Renofest.

Depending on discussions with the BOD, maybe I can have a few avalible for separate purchase to benefit the club or just have a few glasses donated to the raffle again?

Let me know your thoughts.
Are shirts available for shipping??

:loveu: :patriot:


Kudos to whoever dreamed up and put together that one. Knocked it out of the park.
Are shirts available for shipping??

:loveu: :patriot:

Yes! We can ship the shirts for the cost of the USPS small flat rate box, I'm not sure what the rate is now but I remember shipping a couple shirts out last year.

Happy to send one to anyone who can't make the trip and doesn't live near anyone who will be attending to pick them up!
I'll be there for the full week.
Hello Everyone - work has been killing me this week, I'll send invoices over the weekend as I can. I've received everyones messages on the forum, FB, IG and email so not to worry but just wanted to let you all know if I haven't responded that I'm not ignoring your message!
You are the best Mike! Thank you for keeping us updated.
thanks mike
Here's the official list as I have it as of today, July 5th - please let me know if you are missing if you have reached out to me so I can add you to the list and send you an invoice.


cjmike: Hermit - paid
Alboyxj87: Whole Trip - invoiced
Gordo: Whole Trip - shirts TBD
Blondejon - Whole Trip - invoiced
Jeff and Matt - Hermit - invoiced
Justin Cordova - Whole Trip - invoiced
Bryan C - Hermit - invoiced
Twinhauler - Hermit - invoiced
GoozeXJ_88 - Hermit - invoiced
Ryan Shomsky - Whole Trip - invoiced - Welcome back to the SierraChapter (even though in a Toyota now) :woohoo:
Nickangus - Hermit - invoiced
Blake and Kellee Safrans - Whole Trip - Paid - NAXJA Sierra Chapter vendor - Reach out to Kellee for any Reno NV home loan needs! :attom:
Andrew Sharkey - Whole Trip - invoiced - Welcome to your first SierraFest! :cheers:
Ron Humphrey - Hermit - invoiced - Welcome to your first Sierrafest! :woohoo:
XJensen - Hermit - invoiced
Nates2000XJ - TBD
EricsXJ - Whole Trip - invoiced
Skipper - Whole Trip - invoiced
Alex Cruz - Whole Trip - invoiced - welcome to your first SierraFest from the NAXJA SoCal Chapter!
Tim Dhalen - Whole Trip - invoiced
Lou - Whole Trip - Shirts TBD
Alan and Dean - Whole Trip - invoiced

People for Shirts Only:

JohnX - Shirt only TBD
Anak - Shirt only TBD