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September AAT Workday Saturday 9/28/19 **CANCELED**


Only Marble Sharp
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Sorry folks, Tim meant Saturday the 28th...

Meet at the trailhead of 2N47/Old Cleghorn road exit off I-15, 9:30 am. Bring loppers if you have them, and reach extenders.

We will mostly be picking up trash but I'm sure there's a couple things that will need trimmed.

Sorry for being so slow getting this posted, but the 4th Saturday snuck up on me. This is why it's good to have a set weekend for this...I can be a bit of an airhead from time to time.
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Re: September AAT Workday Saturday 9/29/19

I can't make this one, I have everything disconnected from the intake manifold and just waiting for the CFO to authorize getting a new exhaust manifold before taking the rest of it apart... then I have to put it all back together and try to get it smogged, again.
Re: September AAT Workday Saturday 9/29/19

Neither can cheese ball. And I found out it lunch today I'm working tomorrow. Seeing as how I'm still on my 90-day probationary period I ought to show up.

The work day is hereby canceled.