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AAT Workday, Sat. 2/23/24.


Only Marble Sharp
NAXJA Member
Workday Cancelled due to mechanical issues and missing parts.

Meet at 2N47/Old Cleghorne road exit I-15. 8:30 AM. Exit# 129

If you have reach extenders for picking up trash bring them. Also shovel, loppers, cordless reciprocating saw with coarse blade may come in handy. I'll try to pick up some blades.

We will be doing the main road as well as the more difficult bypasses dependent upon vehicles and time constraints. Main road suitable for stock vehicles.

Hiking boots and gloves highly recommended.
Dress in layers. Bring hydration.

The chapter will supply trash bags.

Chime in if you intend to participate.

NOTE: Location/trail may change. I hope to scout a problem area on 2N49 that washes out after heavy rains. Last time it swallowed my open/open MJ.


After this workday we will return to the third Saturday of the month. I felt that doing so this time around would be to short of notice.
Will do.
:phone: still end in 55?
If someone has secure off-street parking for a long bed, extended cab dually with a car trailer in tow and is willing to take a ride-along I may actually be able to help. Provided SoCal dries out a bit I intend to be down there.
Don't jump just yet, Tom. I may have to postpone the workday. All was fine until yesterday. Now I am waiting for a fuel pump from Rock Auto. And yes, of course the tank was full.

I was letting it run up to temperature for an oil change, just died. Swapped in a spare MAP, nope. Hard to start went to no start. Not getting fuel. The pump is making noise it should not be making. Fortunately, the pump assembly is on the side of the tank, and the skid plate is not in the way. Much easier than most XJs. Just shoot me now.