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AAT Workday - Saturday, February 3 - Open call for help


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SATURDAY, February 6 - 2N49 and 2N47 Cleghorn Maintenance
Meet Point 09:00
AM 2N49 Southern End / Palm Ave. San Bernardino

We will meet at the start of 2N49 and run up trail to pick up some trash dumps I spotted. After that we'll turn around, head back down trail, and bump over to 2N47 Cleghorn to check it out and grab some more debris I've been alerted to on that trail (large pile of roofing shingles at the exit and possibly a camper shell somewhere along the road).

MJ's, full size 4x4 pickup with an open bed, and off-road trailers appreciated! We have a pretty good sized load that may go beyond what my trailer and Tim's MJ can handle so extra load capacity would be helpful. Please bring a tarp to cover the load to keep the CHP happy, it doesn't have to be particularly special, just a cover. After we're off trail we will head to a local dump where I will cover any fees.

Any warm (or even slightly cool) bodies will be appreciated. As many of you are aware I broke my leg a little over a month ago so I won't be able to get in the trenches as much as normal and will be in mostly supervisory role.

CB Radio: The fours. We'll start on 4, if busy we'll bump up to 14, 24, or 34.
2m: 146.585 Simplex

What do I need?
Any vehicle that can do a USFS-rated moderate trail (Stock XJ, okay). We will need 4x4 for this weekend as 2N49 has some serious ruts.

Bring gloves, a hat, and loppers. Please bring light long sleeve shirts for brush work. Closed toe shoes mandatory. Hard hats may be available but if you have your own please bring it. In tick-areas it is best to cover as much skin as possible.

Please note I will be unable to grill lunch as I won't have the space to haul my grill.

We may do some work on Sunday pending how I feel by the end of Saturday as it will be my first day back in the forest since my injury. If so we have free camping arranged at the North Shore Work Center.

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.
AAT or T-hunt...

I missed the last T-hunt, and I expect to miss the one two weeks from now. This would make three in a row...

And no burgers???


I will see if I can swing it.
I'm pretty sure I've got a commitment that day, but it isn't 100% confirmed. If I get freed up I'll join you.
I'll be there with the MJ.
The Varmints and I are planning on being there.

What are the odds we will be working Sunday too?
The Varmints and I are planning on being there.

What are the odds we will be working Sunday too?

I ended up grabbing a hotel room in Arrowhead because I didn't want to deal with a tent (rolling it would be irksome right now). You're more than welcome to stay at the work center. My Sunday plans were to grab breakfast in Arrowhead and then head Eastbound into Big Bear to do a quick inspection/stock check in the Big Bear tool shed and proceed to 2N04. You'd and anybody else would be more than welcome to join us, of course.
Cheating huh?

Well, given the leg, I can't blame you.

I have a friend with a cabin on the lake. I wonder if he is in town. I will have to check.
Big thanks to Tim, John, Johnny, Anak & Varmints for the help! Together we clocked in 80 hours for Saturday and 43 hours for Sunday.

I'm sure we removed over a ton of garbage from both 2N49 and Cleghorn.

I'll work on some photos a bit later. I've been a bit busy with work today and was wiped out when I got home yesterday.

Thanks again!