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5/19 and 5/20 - Adopt-a-Trail Workdays Sat. May 19 and Sun. May 20, 2018


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Adopt-a-Trail Workdays Sat. May 19 and Sun. May 20, 2018

There is a weekend long Adopt-a-trail effort scheduled for the above mentioned dates. Come out and join us for one or both days. The help will be greatly appreciated.

If you plan on both days camping will be (free) at the North shore work center in Lake Arrowhead. Please post up if you intend to camp Saturday night.

Rattlesnakes have already been spotted on 2N47 at its higher elevations. Be alert, they do not always rattle before they strike. If you bring children be sure to steer them away from wandering into the brush. It’s not a bad idea to do the same yourself. Bring a reach extender or other apparatus for pulling trash from the brush with you and plan on using it.

The plan is to meet at the trailhead of 2N47 (Old Cleghorn Road Exit off the I-215) at 9:30 AM. We have not been able to run the front half of the trail due to emergency services the last time we were there. We were able to give the back half a decent one over a couple weeks ago but did not get it all. Also no one has ran the bypasses (moderate/difficult) in some time. This is a good time to puts some rocks under your wheels. A stock 4x4 XJ or MJ is quite capable of running a moderate trail like 2N47 . A 2WD is doable as long as you have tow points front or rear (hitch receiver), and can drive.
As stated, camping will be at North shore Saturday evening but Sunday's trail has still not been decided upon at this point. I will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

CB Radio: The fours. We'll start on 4, if busy we'll bump up to 14, 24, or 34.
2m: 146.585 Simplex

What do I need?
Reach extenders (reachy grabby things)
Bring gloves, a hat, and loppers. Please bring light long sleeve shirts for brush work. Closed toe shoes mandatory. Hard hats may be available but if you have your own please bring it. In tick-areas it is best to cover as much skin as possible.

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.
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I am currently a "maybe". I am not currently booked for that weekend, but it will depend on how my wrist feels after driving my Jeep to Calico and back at the end of this month...

If that drive goes great, then I could see driving to Cleghorn and still being able to use that arm for a while once I'm there.
I am putting this on the Calendar. Count me in for both days I'll be camping too. I finally bought the wife a new car so the Jeep is back to being a trail rig.

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I don't think I can make it this month.
We found out it is my T case that was buggered up on the little red jeep.

It sure sounded buggered up. Hope the fix isn't too bad.
I was thinking maybe I could do this in lieu of SoCalFest, but a look at my calendar shoots it right out of the water.

If I am lucky maybe I will get to sneak up for some time on Sunday.

Darn Varmints and their activities. :banghead:
Looking at my "ain't gettin nothin done on the Jeep" schedule, I could meet somewhere in my Hyundai and ride with someone (either for the day, or for the weekend), as long as someone could return me to said Hyundai afterward.

I doubt the group will return to the departure point, so I'd have to meet up at someone's house or at some logical intersection.
I have a school obligation saturday evening. I will likely only be able to do saturday, and have to be home by 330-4. Carol, you'd be welcome to ride with me if no better alternative presents itself.
Oh, I might be able to pull that off... what time would you be leaving your place?
So any idea on if the G man is attending? Also any ideas for lunch?

Right now he's iffy. Plan on bringing food for for however long you will be participating.

If you're camping and want to bring any firewood we will be able to have a campfire at the work center.
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Geoff is always iffy, LOL. But I hope his iffy attendance at this event becomes a "yes".

I will bring my own lunch, and some "iffy" bags of "flaming" chips leftover from AATs past. IDK if they're still good, and I don't like the spicy cheetos and such, so I'll let you all test them for staleness :rolleyes:.
My 11y old will probably eat them regardless of staleness

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I'm bringing some rock slices she can gnaw on.