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Postponed - AAT Workday 3/16


Only Marble Sharp
NAXJA Member
Meet 9:00am at trailhead.
Trail to be announced. It will be one of the two Trails off of I-15.

If you have reach extenders for picking up trash bring them. Also shovel, loppers, cordless reciprocating saw with coarse blade may come in handy. I'll try to pick up some blades.

Hiking boots and gloves highly recommended.
Dress in layers. Bring lunch, hydration, etc.

The chapter will supply trash bags.

Chime in if you intend to participate.
Unfortunately I am not able to make it 3/16. It is my intention to reschedule for 4/6. I will edit or delete this thread accordingly. 4/1 is also an option. If anyone has a preference, post up.

Sorry for the delays.