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Ring and Pinion swap


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Hello all, Its been a while since I have been online but I am back at it again... I am planning on purchasing a R&P kit (G2 from Quadratec) to regear my XJ. Its currently a factory Dana 44/Dana 30 with factory 3.55 gears. The kit I am looking at comes with install kit and required materials. What I am concerned about is carriers; these are factory units at 3.55 and I am seeing conflicting reports or needing new carriers to fit the new gears: 4.10. Can anyone confirm this? The kit makes no mention of needing new carriers. I have all winter to gather supplies since I am not going to attempt any work until the spring. Plenty of time to look over materials and videos before hand so I am prepared.
There is a carrier break on both axles and your 3.55's, You'll need new carriers.
X2 100% on “D44 thick gears are a thing” and if you’re not going to do a full case locker, I don’t know why not to use the thick gears.
Another thing on thick cut gears - they are stronger than regular, and as you get lower and lower gearing (higher #) the ring gear actually gets smaller and smaller. Makes me think could be a weakness if you don't go with thick cut if available... just my 2 cents :)