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Dana 44 front axle question


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My 94 Country edition XJ came to me via my uncle, but it’s been in the family since it was first purchased by my great Aunt. She had it in Europe for many years before bringing it back stateside with her. It is a left hand drive and a US spec rig.
The head scratcher for me is the Dana 44 front end. The only information I xan gather is that at one point my great Uncle was in an accident or incident requiring the front driveline needing replacement. He had it replaced with a Dana44 by a shop in Switzerland.
I can only guess this occurred in the late 90’s.
What are some of the common swaps to achieve this?

I am gathering as much information as I can so that I know what to look for when it comes to bearing hub work, as well as working to figure out an odd occasional grinding from the axle that tends to occur occasionally. It sounds like the teeth gears bouncing off eachother. Not a lot to go off for that troubleshooting but if I can figure out the axle source I can figure out the 4wd engagement mechanics (all my XJ experience is from my old 87 cherokee with the vacuum lines).
Understood. I’ll snap all they need. What sections do you guys need?

Also: I’m hoping having it in the Modified section is acceptable vs the stock forum
Not sure what your after and I don't know about the UK, but the Brazilian XJ came with a D44.
The other axle it could be is a TJ D44.
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I dont know who the heck welded this but it doesnt look factory, nor very pretty.




driver side

Looks like a high pinion D30 to me. If so it’s likely the factory axle. Should be a build code stamped in the long side tube on all Dana built axles. It’s hard to see/find on some but with the numbers you can look it up online.
well I feel silly now.

The shape seemed similar to my old 87 XJ's Dana44 rear, combined with the "D44" Stamped on the front of the diff cover I just assumed that's what it is.

Thanks for helping me out.