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05 Liberty Renegade 4x4, help identify the diff


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Charleston, SC
Glove box stickers, build sheets a D such are long gone..

While doing maintenance on the diff found the magnet holding big chips of spider gears.

Ring and pinion are good. 3.55 ratio. The wheels do not appear to rotate in opposite directions appreciably.. . Ie, the little bit they do, is maybe 3mm, could be the spiders have crap in them.

It is apparent that the diff may be a LSD or Open. Previous owner was a Doctor who used this as a runabout to get to work and never wheeled it. All the work was done at the dealership, I have paperwork going back to purchase new.

If diff is open, I will be installing an Aussie Locker or equivalent.

If diff is LSD, well then it appears to be a pain, as the spider gears are not available. So then we are looking at regear, new RP setup, etc.

I have a Pic. Can anyone *who knows* confirm from the shape what this is? I will have to figure out how to post the Pic as photobucket went stupid.. That's actually been the biggest pain trying to ID this...
Don't have a KJ, but from what I found with a quick Google suggests that it's either a D35C or a 29-spline 8.25 (though I'd hope the 8.25 is more likely). Should be a fair number of pics of each out on the Net to try matching to.
It is most definitely a ChryCo 8.25. Which would be 29 spline. Think they upgraded in 97, at any rate this is well away from the 27 spline days so it is definitely 29.

That isn't the question, though. The question is how to identify if it's open or LSD. I would. Ordinarily just try to spin the tires a s see what happens, but with the amount of frag in the bottom of the housing, not sure I will depend on that alone.

Can't seem to get a good answer on the lsd VS open carrier shapes, but it seems as though the square ended (pax side) carrier would be LSD and rounded would be Open.

If it is LSD, apparently the gears are not available separately, and looks like Noone has one on Fleabay for me to scavenge.

If is open carrier, simple fix is to remove the gears abs install an Aussie locker (basically a lock rite, I think). But that will not fit in the LSD.

Apparently there are 'lunchbox' lockers that work in some LSD Diggs, but I am having no luck finding one. If anyone knows, I am all ears.

Options under $500 seem to be, replace the axle with one from a junkyard, for a crap shoot. I could have the same problem or worse. Or, replace the carrier with an open diff and transfer my ring over. That sounds an awful lot like doing a full R&P setup, something I am not experienced with, and my son has not yet done one (he's into his 3rd year as a professional mechanic at the Jeep dealer, and over a year into the main shop promotion. So we have access to all the tools and such if need be, I would rather not go to a full axle rebuild just yet if we can avoid it. I just put 2 grand in the suspension, spacer lift, springs and joints replaced, tires, etc, on this 05 Liberty Renegade that was given to me by a retiring Doctor friend.
That link is to your C drive.....