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Rig of the Month?


Everyone says I'm a jerk.
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Torrance, CA

Whatever happened to that anyway? I thought it was a real fun little event.

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ya i kinda miss seeing a TJ on the homepage of a XJ club :gee:

oh wait..........:shhh:maybe they won't notice
I swear. Now the picture forum is going to get slammed constantly just so people can change the homepage.

I was wondering for quite some bit why everyone was bitching about it and not doing something about it.

I'm quite fond of the TJ.
Whats more impressive to me is the fact that we left that ugly mofo in the background hang out all month. Nice jeep BTW...Did you build that stinger or did it grow that big?
Who gives a sh*t what it is that damn rig is obviously a vary capable rig and id ride in it anytime. BTW i need a seat at goatfest lol JK
TJ's suck and only loser cheerleader wanna be drive them. :D
I don't think Ben's parents had anything to do with that!

Shit maybe??? Sorry again Jes, didnt mean to point out your fugliness. We all can be as pretty as Geoff.

Anyways, bump for the framed short wheelbase xj
TJ's suck and only loser cheerleader wanna be drive them. :D


What's wrong with a vehicle that attracts cheerleaders?

I have never understood that argument.