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There is a trail run this Sunday at Rousch Creek. We need as many NAC members as possible to come out and show their support. I ran these trails last weekend and had a great time, the trails are rated 3-5 with bypasses for the harder obstacles.
What time is everyone meeting up at and what entrance are we using. Are we goin to meet by the MX track?

Hey John,
Yeah, you can count on the crowd gathering at the MX tracks. I would try to make it there by 8:30am if you are headed up. I can't make it this weekend, got a Halloween party on Sat., and don't plan on being in any shape to be getting up early Sunday.

Have fun!!

Meet time is 9am at the MX Park, but 8:30am would be better as there looks to be a good size turnout - more time to get organized and head out.

We will be using the new staging area and park entrance after leaving the MX park. This will eventually become the gathering point in the near future.

Hope to see some of you Sunday!
It was a Great day at Rausch, sorry no one from NAC was able to attend! There were members from at least 6 other clubs and some independents as well.

This is an article written by Doug U. from WastedTrails about the days events - enjoy.


I hope some of you can make it the the next run on Nov 24th!