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Rear leafs not moving


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Fitchburg , MA
I have a stupid question. What are the odds that the reason my rear leafs arn't flexing at all could be due to the shackle bolts being to tight? I have 8" of lift with rockkrawler springs and have driven with them for over a month and they feel like I'm riding on a board. Or do these springs just not flex at all?
What are you running for shock absorbers?
Yes, the bolts can be too tight.

Also, if you tightened the bolts while the jeep was raised... loosen them, put the jeep down on its wheels, jump on the bumpers a few times, and then retighten. If you tighten them with it raised, it puts a twisting preload on the bushings, which is a bad thing.
Mudskipper said:
No sway bar at all. Long travel shocks and yes I did tighten the bolts while the jeep was off the ground. I will loosen them. Thanks guys
Loosen, bounce, and retorque.

You didn't answer the question about shocks. What kind -- as in brand and model? Some shocks are very stiff, some are soft.
If that doesn't help, something else to consider is if your rear driveshaft is not "slipping" or is somehow bound at the slip joint splines (this is assmuing you have installed an SYE). It may be worth disconnecting it from the rear axle yoke and checking to see that it travels in and out smoothly.