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First Posting And Sagging Leaf Spring Question


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I didn't see an "introduce yourself" section so here goes.

Hello, I'm Donny!

I bought my first XJ, a 95 sport that was stock all the way around. I have since lifted it 3" using OME 2934's in the front and shackle relocation brackets with RC lift shackles. It sits perfectly level as I wanted but the rear leafs are just very slightly bending down below level at the shackle. FYI I did get exactly 3" lift from the 2934's in the front with stock bumper, no winch, etc. which is a much asked question about these springs.

My concern is that with everything as desired and now the shackle angle is 45 deg, but now obviously putting more stress on the leaf pack it will die very soon with some wheeling.

Should I replace the leafs with a factory replacement, HD replacement? Any aftermarket lift leaf assy will lift it more a rake the rear, correct? I don't want that as I'm sitting exactly how I wanted it.

Also I'm reading that there are different OE leafs between 5-7" arc or so. How do I know what came on it? I have the build sheet and all it says is it has tow package.

Thanks for reading!
Welcome Donny!
Leafs are a common problem when lifting xj’s. Truth be told after 27 years, your existing leafs are tired. I would find a lift spring that is close to your desired lift, and go from there. You may be able to adjust desired lift by using a different hole in your shackle relocation brackets, but you may also be forced to add 1/2” or 1” or so to the front to match… I would rather deal with more lift, than less by messing with an “oem” leaf pack.

No two leaf packs are exactly the same. Sometimes two of the exact same part number will be slightly different… especially with budget brands.
Hope that helps!
As XCM stated, lots of options.

Longer shackles, different hole in the relocation brackets, new leaf pack and shorter shackle, add-a-leaf. Depends on budget and overall goals.

What are your plans for the jeep?

Also sounds like you're concerned about a future failure, that may or may not occur - I'd be tempted to drive the XJ a bit, use it as intended, and keep an eye on the springs. Casually shop for an add-a-leaf in the mean time incase your concern becomes reality.
What brand is good for a factory height replacement?

I see Crown, bad reviews, OMIX, good reviews but aren't they the same company?

After all the above upgrades I'm sagging maybe just an inch in the rear so A new spring vs old should put me back to level. I also can adjust the shackle position in the bracket and can go to the second hole in the RC shackle. A slight raked up in the rear also would not be terrible because I have nothing in the truck right now.
I don't know that you're going to have many options for a factory replacement leaf pack.

Rock Auto lists a few different parts numbers and price points - including heavy duty and not - how many manufacturers are actually making springs... who knows.