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Rear Weight Distribution and Shackle Length

Sounds like money well spent, instead of handing it to an alignment shop and still having the rig pull to the right. :doh:

I've done driveway alignments for years and recently purchased a set of Synergy toe plates and they are slick to use.

I think he's suggesting that something similar could be built for $20 in square aluminum tubing from Home Depot. Must admit that I probably would have done this if it had crossed my mind.
There is nothing cheaper and more accurate (tire size doesn't matter) than scribing the tires and direct measuring.
35s and no brake dive most of the time. If the road is slanted it will dive to whatever direction the road tilts.

The issue seems to be a lot better with the Alcan Leafs. Also had to change to a steeper shackle angle and shorten my shackle length because of clearance issues due to how much more the Alcans compress/elongate compared to the RE leaf springs.
35s are right there. The link seperation at axle end isnt designed for tall tires. Leveraging against the arms.

Yes stiffer rear springs will help. Even shocks that have decent valving to help control the large tires. But am unsure an over the counter shock exists that will actually work well.

Many say theyre shocks work good but ive been in some if these good working rigs and go shit how do you drive this thing in a straight line.

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A person often weighs more than the spare tire and gas can. So I doubt the weight of such will cause handling problems, else the jeep will handle differently just by the number of people being carried and where they sit. When I added my tire carrier with 33x 12.5 inch tire, it made no difference in handling that I detected, likewise when I have different loads in the jeep, persons or stuff.
Shackle angle is critical for good driving over bumps, you want the angle to be close to 45 degrees, too much deviation from 45 degrees and the ride will be very very harsh, just as mine was until I corrected the angle of shackles

good luck