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Question for CO coordinators

Porch Puppy

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Ridgecrest, CA
This is a question for the coordinators of the Colorado trip....

With all of the restrictions that are being placed because of the horrible fires, what are you guys expecting as far as the Colorado trails? Are you anticipating that many of the trails will be closed? We'd be coming from California and are worried about making an unnecessary trip.

Any information that you guys might have would be great. Thanks!!
Still talking

We're talking about it. Might take a couple of days to figure it out. You can be sure that we'll post any changes asap.
colorado event

I read about your colo. event in 4 wheel & off rode. I'm not a member but may be interested in joining is it possible to go as a guest to see if I would like to join? Any info you can give me at this late date would be appreciated.

The official event has been cancelled/postponed due to the uncertianty of the drought and fire situation, mostly because we'd have poeple coming from all over the country and it would be difficult to make plan changes on short notice. We are, however, getting together on an informal basis to run trials on the same dates, 7-30 to 8-4. Check out the thread "Grant's CO Trek schedule" for info on what we'll be doing. This is not a member thing, just a bunch of XJ'ers getting together and you are welcome to join us. Look at the trails we're planning to run to check for vehicle equipment. Ask any questions you'd like and we'll get you the information.

Richard G
Andy, you are such a whimp. You're more likely to die from e-coli after eating a tainted hamburger than buring up in a forest fire. At least you can see the smoke from the fire! Feel better now? So get off your porch and come on out to CO! Me, I'm getting out of OR just to get away from the forest fires. See ya somewhere soon.
Eric - When I posted this question (back in June before the official run was cancelled), I was worried about traveling to CO to find out that the trails were closed. Once the official trip was cancelled, before an unofficial trip was scheduled, I made another committment to run the Dusy-Ershim trail here in CA. Needless to say, I won't be seeing you in CO this year - maybe next year though.... Happy Wheeling - have fun in CO.
Andy- Wow, I didn't notice that was a month old post that you left there! My mistake, as long as you're going wheeling that week then I take back the "whimp" remark.