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Required Equipment for Event Participation


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This list was copied from the 35th Anniversary thread. If edits need to be made, please DM me and I will make the edits.

Wanted to get this out there early so newbies that aren't used to our club runs know what they need to buy or add to their rig before October.

Required Equipment for Event Participation

NAXJA VERY HIGHLY recommends that all event participants have an FRS Radio (see this thread). https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1150194

NAXJA requires all listed items to be present, and available for use, for a vehicle to be permitted to participate in a event. Participants are expected to stow equipment and all other items within their vehicle in a safe manner, conscious of the effects of OHV use and possible shifting of items.

NAXJA Safety Inspectors will use this list for safety inspections prior to any event. The Safety Inspector has final say in approval or rejection of any vehicle for event participation and may at anytime defer to the event coordinator (Matt 'macgyvr' Rowland) or club officer in attendance for additional ruling.

NAXJA expects each event participant to carry insurance and registration sufficient to meet the legal requirements of their vehicle state of residence and for the roads and trails traveled for the event.

NAXJA is not responsible for assuring an entrant's vehicle is legal for the roads and trails traveled in the event.

Equipment List
-Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC).
-First aid kit.
-Adequate spare tire, jack and lug wrench (exceptions can be made if adequate tire repair kit and on board air is available.)
-Safety belts for driver and any current passenger.
-Adequate recovery attachment points in the front AND rear of the vehicle
*Acceptable forms of attachment points: (All Items must be mounted in a manner to provide adequate strength and integrity)
>Tow hooks of OEM or greater integrity (OEM XJ must be bolted; welded only isnt good enough).
-20ft 10,000lb snatch strap without any metal hooks
-Secured battery (no bungee cords)

Please note: Vehicles will be inspected at the time of registration or by trail leaders at the staging locations. If at all possible, please present your vehicle for inspection at registration to insure trail groups leave on time. Once inspected vehicles will have a sticker placed on the vehicle indicating that it has passed inspection.

Please be considerate of the people that you will be wheeling with and do preventative maintenance and a nut/bolt check on your rigs before the trip. No body wants to be on a trail waiting for someone to repair something that broke that they knew was broken and didn't take the time to fix at home.
Thank you for posting this!

mac 'nothing glaring that's changed' gyvr

Sadly the days of the baofeng UV5r are over, most of em got cracked down on by the FCC so supposedly cant transmit on FRS and GMRS frequencies now, they can still listen and im not sure programming them can fix it.

Transmit frequency range: VHF 144-148MHz and UHF 420-450 MHz

FRS and GMRS are in the 460-470 range

Edit: So did some more digging and Baofeng has a compliant version of the UV5R thats pre programmed with the GMRS Frequencies. Pretty sure FRS and GMRS overlap so will work with other radios.

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I have had a $10 FRS radio transmit 10 miles out west before...

mac 'my baofengs work' gyvr