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My apologies to all


NAXJA Forum User
Central CA
I'm not selling anything, just apologizing.

To everyone I've had bad business relations with:
I sincerely apologize. If I have lagged on shipping an item out or did not communicate with you properly (all my buyers as well as NAXJA/Sierra Chapter B.O.D. past and present.), I'm sorry. At this point, everyone has had their money refunded and or items shipped out.
I have delayed shipping on a lot of my items. I'd much rather sell locally than ship. I am still operating my business, only more so on a local level and obviously not on here.
I will not be leaving NAXJA, but I will also not be advertising on here either. I support NAXJA 100% and I will continue to be a paying member to this organization even though I am not involved in it.
It was nice meeting some of you and doing business with you as well.
See you guys on the trail,

You always seem to talk the good talk, but you never follow through. I can only hope that you are planning on changing your ways, mostly for your benefit. This is no way to conduct your business, whether it is on NAXJA or not. I seriously doubt you will have many more chances to clean up your reputation around here should things go bad again.

It takes some guts to come back and eat crow.

With your past reputation I tell everyone not to buy anything from selarep ever!

It is nice to hear that you finaly refunded or delivered on what you said you were selling.

A man is only as good as his word, and trust is something that is hard to win back once it has been broken.