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steering overhaul

SFR frame-side bracket doesn't have any outboarding and I would have to rebuild it to add any. The Ruff Stuff bracket should be get more length, and is vertically adjustable, and I'm currently running a TJ/LJ pitman arm (flat) so I have a few inches of movement on that end of the drag link too. I expect I will have to discard/replace at least 1-2 components so that might be one of them, but I think it gets me furthest to success
That a great approach, it will let you experiment and "see" what's working!
My good friend evowheeler built his own bracket. He's running stock wheels, with spacers and 33s and a fairly out-bore track bar mount.

Parts were ordered (minus the links). Ended up buying FK heims for all of the axle-side ends, since the JJs also seem to have return-to-center issues. Will have to get some PVC and start test fitting in the next few weeks (couple of other projects ahead of this and may take that long for parts to arrive anyway).

Thanks for the help fellas
Ive found track bar length not to matter. Yes i did attempt to outboard my track bar as much as possible.
Fabbed my own brack set Parralell to drag link. Length just isnt critical but yes longer is maybe better but may also be worse since drag link isnt pivoting from same point out side tge frame.

The drag link and track bar are pivoting from different starting points so length no longer is much of a factor.

Parralell to eachother is king.

To me it sounds like you got some fubaralation going on with differing components not entended to live together being stacked on top if one another.