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UCA/LCA Measurements


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I searched this topic and found some information on setting UCA and LCA lengths but am still left wanting more. I have a 90 Wagoneer Limited on which I am installing a BDS 3" lift with new spring packs in the rear. I am also installing Core 4x4 upper and lower adjustable control arms. I read that some use 16 inches for the lowers and 16 3/4 for the uppers. Does the height of the lift impact the CA lengths? Can anyone provide initial measurement guidance please?
These numbers are a starting point, adjust as required.

Control Arm Chart.jpg
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I just had Zeus Offroad install Rough Country's 3" lift. If I understand this correctly, as the Jeep is lifted, the Axle rotates a bit resulting in the need for either longer Lower Control Arms or shims to increase their effective length, OR, equivalent changes in UCA length. Zeus installed Rough Country recommended LCA's intended for their 3" Lift which they also installed. Zeus Offroad, located in Burnsville MN, did a great job. And No, I am not a stock holder, but they sure seem to know their business.

The lift allowed me to fix a couple worn out suspension parts, provide better under-body access, and adjust the caster portion of the alignment other garages kept avoiding while recommending adjustable control arms. But the overall result was a better ride, decreased road shock transfer to steering, better overall stability, and less bump steer and wind gust effects. But that's not the answer to your question. The difference in length bolt center to bolt center between the stock LCA's and RC 3" Lift LCA's was less than an inch without having them in front of me. But wouldn't the Core 4x4 adjustable's provide that much adjustability for an alignment shop to get it right? To be honest, from the experience with Zeus, I will undoubtedly think twice before taking the jeep to another neighborhood car garage again. Life is too short...
Ues, the Core 4x4 arms will provide all the adjustment needed. My intent is to get the setup as close as possible and then let the allignment shop dial it in.