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lift question. I know I know


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I'm a noob to this forum but I know forum rules so i did try searching first. I have stock 97 xj and my buddy just gave me 5 really nice like 70% 35 inch bfg mt's for free! Now of course my problem is that I need mad lift. I'm on a super tight budget cause I just bought a house and he said to go on here and ask you guys what the cheapest way I can get her up to get those tires to fit ok is. I'm down for some cutting or whatever. I just thought maybe ther'd be like a junk yard lift or like a 3.5 with spacers and shackles>? Sorry for the dreded repeat.
The lift is just one issue ,what about the stock gears? My guess you have 355 gears .. You won't like that combo for long..

Shop around for lift kits . The internet has tons of good deals..

Good Luck

1979 F150 coils - Stiff but 3" lift
Spacers - 2"
S10 rear leaf springs combined with some xj leafs or shackles - 4.5-5"
Longer shocks(pro comp es3000 for cheap)
TC drop - buy longer bolts and washers as spacers
Longer control arms off classifieds or ebay

That should get you lifted for pretty cheap.
x2 on gearing with that tall a tire.You would have to regear!do yourself a favor and think everything out. become a member read..read and read more info on this site then make a decision as to what lift and tires you want to use.
X3 on gearing, I ran stock 3.55's with 32" tires and hated it especially on the freeway.
cool thanks guys I'll deffinetly start reading up. I'll take the tires and maybe trade them for some 33's cause they seem just to damn big for right now. I just have to many toy's right now to spend a ton cause I'm in the process of building a 347 for my mustang and I have 2008 gsxr 1000 that I spend shit tons on mods for. Thanks. Oh and it can't be any harder to do gears in these than a mustang right?
it shouldn't be
Search a little;

Here is one thread;

It can be done on the cheap 2 ways;
-One hack the fenders and cobble together some junk yard springs like the front coils off of a ford truck, or the V8 Grand Cherokee coils, and the rear as said before; Chebbies or Dodge Dakotas. Plenty of write ups on here. You'll have a Jeep that rides like crap, but it will handle the 35's... Maybe

-Take your time, check clasifieds here and local boards for used lift kits/parts etc. Take the time to build your parts list up


Sell or trade the 35's and start smaller, maybe used Budget boost for 31" MT's and some fender cutting. Put a locker in the front, and go out to see how much fun you can have. This takes care of the need it now feeling. Gives you time to scrape together some nice used parts to build your rig.

For a little more cash, you could get some Grand Waggy Dana 44's and some 4:88's and run those 35's by adding to the rear leaf pack, and putting some Wrangler YJ 2" to 4" leaf springs up front... Takes some fabbing skills though...

You could prob trade those 35's for 31's, wheels and tires, and a budget boost with shocks.

Then, after your hooked, you can sell the Mustang and the GSXR and build one heck of an XJ... :D
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