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June 20-22 Rubicon run, who's going? Post up!


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So who's going? Post up here so I/we know who to look out for.
I guess we'll meet at the staging area at 9:00A.M. Friday morning. and leave at 10:00.
To get to the staging area take HWY 89(W. Lake BLVD.) and turn west onto Rubicon Mckinley RD(it's between Chambers Lodge and Tahoma). Follow the brown signs to the one lane paved road that leads up to the staging area(on your left as the pavement ends).
Do we want to do a pot luck type thing Friday night? I was thinkin' Mexican. I could bring some chips, salsa, carnitas, tortillias, and have the Margaritas flowing for those interested.
Also, is anyone trailoring up? PorchPuppy, FarmerMatt?
I will probably go up Thursday after work and would be willing to meet up and camp at the trailhead if anyone's interested.
Let me know what your plans are.

Some things to consider.
Glass containers on the Rubicon are generally considered a no no, they're heavy and break easily. Please avoid bringing glass containers.
Vehicle preparation. Please be sure and prep your vehicle properly for this trip. Bring the proper spare parts and tools for repairing your vehicle in case of breakage. I'm sure Richard won't want to have to tow your a$$ all the way through the trail. :D

I'll be there. I'll be trailering up but finding a place in Tahoe (one of the casinos) to park the tow rig. I'll be coming up Thursday and finding somewhere to camp for the night. Hopefully I'll be able to find my way to the staging area. Mexican sound fine to me... I'll try (if Lisa has time to make it) to bring chicken fajita mix and some tortillas. If you need an extra blender let me know and I'll bring mine too -- plus some margarita mix. See ya then....
I'll be there. I'll be driving up Thursday after work, so it will probably be late when I get there. I'll camp that night, so as we get closer let me know where you all will be camping. I won't bother with a tent, just the matress and sleeping bag on the ground, so even the staging area would work for me.

I'll figure out something to bring for dinner. Since Matt and Jen will be celebrating their wedding anniversary, do we need a cake or something, or just plenty of margaritas? :D
Funny you said that Richard. Every year we buy a small cake from the same place we got our wedding cake with the same frosting & filling. My wife asked me this mourning how we were going to get that up to the Con safely? I guess this means were going to have a party on the Con & now we actually have a reason. We get to celebrate Jeni putting up with me.

I'll be there! and i think i would want to come up thursday night and spend the night!!

Betting odds that I will make it. Is the plan to drive into Buck Island on Friday? If so, I will likely drive out thru Loon on Saturday. Lots to do to make rig non-trailerable.

I'd really like to go, but dont know how you guys feel about an 18 year old newbie (to this board anyway) going up with you all. I've never been to the con and dont know if this would be the best run for my first time on the con.
MJlogan said:
I'd really like to go, but dont know how you guys feel about an 18 year old newbie (to this board anyway) going up with you all. I've never been to the con and dont know if this would be the best run for my first time on the con.

Don't let these guys scare you off, just post on what you have on your rig and what spares you plan to carry, if you meet the requirements you'll be welcome.
Heck yeah, we don't care how old you are. Tell us what you're running and where you've wheeled before.

Ray, we'll meet at the staging area Friday morning, and those who are camping Thursday night need to figure out where. I'll bet it's not a problem to camp one night next to the staging area, people probably do it all the time. There are bathrooms there, also.
MJLogan - I can't think of a better time to run the 'con for the first time. And it sounds like these guys have fixed...well... at least broken almost everything there is to on an XJ. Thats gotta be good for something too right? ;)
OK..... its an 88 MJ, I swapped in a 93 ax-15 trans, dana 44 rear with detroit, open front, 4.56s, Box tubing bumpers front/rear with tow points, rocker skids, 33x10.50s on 15x7s, sye, RE 4.5" lift with 2" spacer, Spring over rear.

For spares i've got tre's, u joint, nuts n bolts, all fluids, and a lot of tools. By then i'll have hit the junkyard for some spare steering linkage and spare front axleshafts.

I've done all of the work myself (except setting up the gears) so i at least know how to put it all together. I've wheeled hollister many times, Niagara rim trail (and lots of trails off hwy 50), and a few spots off ebbit's pass in Nevada.
Well, sounds like your MJ is well capable so you're welcome to join us, that is, if you don't mind hanging out with a bunch of old geezers. :D
Speaking of MJs and geezers, where's MJ Dan anyway?

yea that would b sic to have an MJ come with us!! plus then there will be more (kids) so maybe we won't get picked on so much!!(JES:rolleyes: )

Does anyone have an extra set of d30 axles I could rent for the trip? :rolleyes: I don't want to shell out for a set because I'm looking for an early bronco d44 for the front. other than that I have a 9" with moser axles for the rear, rock sliders,rock lights and lots of spare stuff like u-joints,chemicals and lots of epoxy :D
the only place I have been lately is Fordyce
i might be going but most likely not......i still got my front 44 to put together and my front arms to make, but i will try as hard as i can!
all right, sounds good. I guess i'll camp thursday night at the staging area. Thanks for letting me run with you guys, i really appreciate this.