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Rubicon Itinerary 2023


Nevada Raisins
NAXJA Member
Sierrafest 2023
Rubicon itinerary

- Meet up at the loon spillway for 9am departure
- 39.00364, 120.31128

- We would like to have lunch at buck island
- 39.00531, 120.25487

- Then head on to rubicon springs for dinner
- 39.02312, 120.24946

- Hang out at the springs. Maybe a day or night run up big sluice

- Group departure by 10am head up Cadillac hill.
- 39.03067, -120.25276

- Group pic at the observation area
- 39.03464, -120.25368

- Then out to Tahoma staging area
- 39.04583, -120.16763
As an update and side note there are several of us that are camping near the trail head tomorrow night. We will all be meeting at the tahoma trail head to drop trailers and drive around tomorrow at 4pm. We will be stopping in south lake for dinner.