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Ignition kill on shift lever>?


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1987 XJ 4.0/ Auto

Is there an ignition kill switch type deal on the shift selection lever? Basically something to prevent starting when not in Park? If so, anyone know how to bypass this?

I am having to giggle (move through gears etc...) the shifter to start jeep.
There may be two.

At the current age of the vehicle, cleaning out the NSS is always a good idea. Apply Ox-Gard on reassembly, and a THIN bead of RTV Black will keep the switch innards clean a little longer...

Also, there was a voluntary recall 1987-1990 4.0/AW4 for a start interlock to prevent starting or removal of the key in P or N.

Just to back check the NSS, try shifting to N and starting (it should.)

also, do not giggle at the shift lever, it is very sensitive :D
small pederson said:
also, do not giggle at the shift lever, it is very sensitive :D

:rolleyes: :D
Zip file on my download page w/ a scanned magazine article on rebuilding the NSS -

Real good online article on doing it w/ great pics -

I broke off the NSS vent tube & had to insert a small piece of brass tubing which I epoxied into place. While I was at it I ran the vent tube from the switch on up the wiring harness farther.

Ditto the OxGard (aka- dielectric grease) on the innards after you clean it up inside. Emory cloth works wonders on the contacts inside.