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I wish I got more snow......


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I just checked that out......WOW!! Very clean looking body with some really cool tracks. I want tracks for mine but I doubt I will ever have the $$$ to get them. I wonder how they would hold up around where I live with just mud, hard packed red clay and some pretty knarly trails. we get a couple inches of snow about once every 10 years or so. I can't justify the tracks to my wife without lots of snow on the ground. If I could talk her into moving where it snows a lot I might be able to get them.
More snow?

If I were to ship you a 5 gallon bucket of snow, by the time it got there you might have enough for a snowball or two, and I think that would be more snow than you currently get. But I don't think it would be enough to justify that XJ. Even I don't get enough snow for that one.

You need some serious elevation or relocation well north of the 45th parallel to get enough snow for tracks.
I have a place near Flagstaff and when hunting I see tons of deep snow!