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being ready for the expected unexpected (hardware for broken/rusted susp components)

BTW from my research several people said that these sizes did not fit. I have a 2001 xJ sport. Not sure if that changes anything in regards to the Bolt sizes differing from the older XJ years.
The engine block, cylinder head, and the axles are American but almost everything else on the Jeep is metric.
I don't know if you've already ordered but hopefully not - a lot of us have had order fulfillment and quality issues with team Cherokee going back, oh, at least a decade. I usually recommend buying from literally anyone else, but Crown Automotive (they're located in Canton, you'll probably meet Kevin or Jeff, both are users here) and Z&M Jeeps out in Ohio are both high on my list. They very likely will have what you need in stock.

Edit: I think you have your shock hardware doubled. There's only a bar pin at one end of each. Hardware spec looks right but it's been a few years for me now. Boltdepot down on the Cape will have a lot of this in stock, make sure you get 10.9 or 12.9 where the factory used the same, and yes you can use flange head nuts and bolts, the factory stuff is flange head.
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Did we ever build this thing?

Sae metric.
No matter what if you done have a size in one your going to be ****ed unless its a 8 or 9/16.

I used to not have many tools looking back ive no idea how i did anything

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I have pretty much everything to get started other than the damn exhuast, I just don't know what extension piping I have to get with the what i already bought:

BKEexhaust front pipe->Flex joint????->Magnaflow 2.25" Cat->???????->super 44 muffler->Madrel Bent tail Pipe