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Citrus Heights
Hey anyone Want to come over and HELP put an engine in???? i just don't understand what is hung up on!! any help would be greatly apperciated!! and i'll even buy food or beer [img:e02f51ddd0]http://www.extrememopar.com/ot/beer.gif[/img:e02f51ddd0] if u want!![img:e02f51ddd0]http://www.extrememopar.com/ot/wavey.gif[/img:e02f51ddd0]


well i work tonight and then i work tomarow till like 4 so anytime after 4 or jsut when ever!!!
Stoney, I got your messages delivered to me this AM. Cell phone sux.

Did you pull your tranny? Get that thing out and then drop the engine in. I can help on Sat AM if you need help still.

Sic thanx a lot sean that would be cool! jsut the offer helps dude! tomarow i am going to try from scratch pulling the tranny down and pulling it off and maybe attaching the torque converter before installing the enigne! but if i still can't do it, ur help would be GREATLY apperciated!

thanx a lot!!!!!!! :D