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Had a little mis-hap on the motorcycle today (sorta long)

Andy in Pa.

NAXJA Member #180
Downingtown, Pa.
Hey folks,

I officially de-flowered my motorcycle today. Suffice it to say, I have been riding a motorcycle for quite a few years and, besides a few close calls with some idiots pulling out in front of me, have had no mis-haps. That changed today in a flash. I was clipping along enjoying my ride home from work, enjoying some recent suspension mods I had made to the bike, when I made a left onto another road, and before I knew it, I was on my hands and knees sliding along the pavement. Besides a few brush burns on one knee and on my elbows and a sore shoulder, I am OK. The motorcycle is a little scraped but not bad either. I think I stuck a carb float though, it has a slight miss now. I'll have to pull it apart this weekend and check it out.

The reason I ended up in a heep on the pavement you ask????????

Some idiot had a MAJOR oil leak of some kind. I got right up off the pavement right away and walked over and put my fingers in what I slipped in and it felt like gear oil, but it was hard to tell with my leather gloves on, it could have been fresh diesel fuel. By the way, if I had not had my leather gloves on, I would have been having difficulty typing this right now. The gloves are fine too, just a little softer in the palm area.

Besides having the POOP scared out of me, I was PISSED!! I have ridden across slippery spots before and felt the front or the back give a little, but have always been able to compensate. This was a friggin oil slick in the middle of the road!! Even if I had been going slower I still would have slipped. Cars were skidding to a stop in the spill also.

So if you own a motorcycle, watch out for those wet spots in the road. It may not be water from a cars A/C unit.

VERY glad to hear you're OK. It seems as the NAXJA-NAC is on a bad streak of injuries. With Ben and my incident, to Gary's work incident, to JohnBuuu's wreck to your tippin the bike over, we're lookin like we're trying to undermine the chapter!

I'm very glad to hear that all you got were some scrapes and bruises, and I wish you a speedy recovery on them and your bike a quick repair. Take it easy bro, and give my best to Leah.
Glad you're OK buddy.

Too many incidents that I've responded to as a firefighter flashed through my mind. This is enough to convince me that 4 wheels GOOD, 2 wheels BAD.

Too many idiots - you can't outrun/avoid them all. Stick with Barnabus.

BTW - thanks a whole bunch Skorp! Now you give me something else to think about on the ride West - a NAC curse??? :twisted:

Mike in NJ
Thanks guys, jeez am I sore today!! The brush burns don't even hurt as much as sore muscles now. :(

It felt good venting my frustrations with this situation on the forum last night, thanks for listening.

Guess I should hop on the motorcycle and ride away my aches and pains. A good adrenaline rush does wonders for the body!! :mrgreen:

Glad to hear that you escaped unhurt(for the most part). I agre with Mike, two wheels dangerous!! Too many idiots out on the roads that don't even look for other cars, let alone someone on a bike!
So glad your OK Andy!!

I wasnt so fortunate last time, 2 accidents in 1 summer. Last one left me unable to walk for 9 months...with our 1st baby as a newborn.

My bike days are long gone. It's safer in a Jeep! :wink:
Andy --

I'm glad you survived it. The exact same thing happened to me a number of years ago, except that I was following a friend who made it through and I didn't. Felt the tail start to slide, got it upright again, felt it start to slide again -- and the next thing I knew I was sliding along in the dirt at a tangent to the curve in the road, watching my motor pickle doing cartwjeels and wondering if it was going to land on me the next time it went over. (It didn't).

I did continue to ride for a number of years after that, but no more. Too many people on 4 wheels seem to take deliberate aim at people on 2 wheels.

I know you'll be stiff and sore for a few days -- I'm glad that's all that happened to you.
When I lived in Virginia, I like everyone else, hated the yearly vehicle inspection requirement. Everytime I here about something like this it makes sense. There are too many drivers out there that don't have the common sense or at least courtesy to keep there vehicles in safe mechanical condition so that others don't get hurt. I'm glad to hear that you're okay and that you were attired properly to avoid serious injury.