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Gotta bitch for a minute


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Try to help a young kid out with a really good price for set of axles and he shows up without cash thinking he can pay me weeks down the road. . . That’s a no-go. Especially after I drag the damned things out to the front gate.
I showed up one time with like $200 instead of $500 to buy some used tires from EricsXJ in Reno because I didn’t realize that’s all the ATM would give me until I was already on the road. But at least I had that much and had known him for a couple years already. Mailed a check a few days later.
the kid lives one street over from me. Tried saying, “well, you know where I live…”

I think he was hoping to turnaround and sell the axles to make a profit.
That's probably a omen, I have a aversion to selling anything to anyone I know!