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Gas Tank


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Broke a gas tank this weekend, on the Old Florida Road. Dented the Tomken skidplate enough to cause a gas leak.

What's the newest gas tank I can get that is compatable with my 88'
I would guess probably up through '96 would work, unless there is some reason why a HO unit wouldn't work with a Renix system tank.

Are you coming out over the first weekend in August, Steve? I've already reserved the campsite...
Depends on ifyou hit a bone yard or buy new. I think they go up to 30 gallons with built in skid plates, Aero IIRC, been a while since I looked at them.
I use all junkyard stuff. You don't see me posting pictures of the BrokenXJ because its scary :) This is my second gas tank, since I've been off-roading. First the Tomken skidplate filled with mud/leaves etc. and rusted out the tank. Now I just took such a hit, the plate bent into the the tank.