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finish rear bumper


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Finished rear bumper

Finally got my bumper done...This was my first fab project and I am very happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you think...I also made the one on the red jeep in return for the steel for both bumpers.


Mine mounts using the stock 8 bolt locations, 4 bolts and a large backing plate behind the hitch, and tied into the old hitch rails that run down the frame...made from 3/16" 2x4 tube.
One I built for a friend...kept it real stock looking...
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nice job.
is that 2 stock shacles hooked together on that leaf?

the ends on the red one are nice
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Re: finished rear bumper

Yes on the shackle set up...never had any problem w/ it, gave some lift, smooth ride, and opens up at full droop...here is a close up

Here are the build up pics, only took a few, I did my bumper before I had my 14" chop saw which is what I used on the red jeep...



let me know if you have any other ?'s

Does it only attach to the OEM bumper mounting attachments or did you take advantage of the usual hitch mounting?
My bumper (white jeep) mounts to the stock holes, directly behind the hitch in the bumper, and alont where the factory hitch used to mount, the red bumper only attaches to the stock mounts, I just made it for my friend's wife who doesnt take it offroad- its a shame I know!)
they both look pretty strong. Did you give them the hi lift test yet? When I did my front bumper one side failed the hi lift test back to the grinder and the welder ha ha.
Thanks guys, I was surprised at how it turned out too, looks pretty much like the stock one only much beefier...you can see on mine I ground down most of the welds, but on the red one I got way better so I left them, and under the duplicolor bed liner they look pretty good.