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Rear Bumper


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I am looking for a rear bumper with some added protection.

Seems odd to me that all the rear bumpers on the market are nearly flush with the rear of the vehicle. I would think one would want it to stick out a few inches to protect the tail gate and lights.

Anyway the rear bumpers from AJ's is what I am looking for but there seems to be a few very bad reviews and frankly I just don't want that kind of stress as I have enough in my life.

So I was looking at DirtBoud, Rusty's or Rough Country? I was also thinking of going with brackets like these https://www.ebay.com/itm/163691598618?hash=item261cc7931a:g:NWoAAOSwA49c3J9i

Any suggestions or reviews would be great.
I looked at Logan's bumpers, as I have a front bumper by him that I like. I didn't see a rear from him. I did search for Hard Core :
No direct experience with them. They were and are on my list though. Both in PA.
I do have the IRO rear bumper. As you said, a bit thin for me. Good looking bumper and well designed. I think a lot of them are designed for approach angle and not getting smacked by a car or such.
I was at a gas station near my place in WV. Two enduro riders were looking at my bumper on my 4.5" lifted XJ. Its just a 'U' beam type. I looked at my bumper and then back at them. I wanted to say, it needed the anti-scooter spikes. But didn't.
All XJ rear bumpers require frame rail tie-ins for any use besides mall crawling decoration.

The tailgate and tail lights are only vulnerable when you back into something or if you slide sideways into something. A bigger bumper would be of little benefit then. Quarter panel guards with integrated tail light guards or tail light boxes are the solution for that.

I have smacked the Class III hitch and/or bumper dozens and dozens of times on rocks, ledges, and vertical walls.

I have a DirtBound Mojave bumper and the eBay tie-in brackets. DirtBound makes good stuff, and they are a NAXJA sponsor.
The bumper that I have started looking at is the Filthy Addictions Offroad tube bumper. Has most if not all of the features that I want for crawling.

I already have a custom bumper built by a friend that is very similar to the FAO and I will be putting on the Circle Industries mounts as well.
I have an aj offroad bumper that I am very happy with. Decent fit and I like the cutnfold protection...

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