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please delete

This paint and body subforum doesn't seem to get much traffic, many of the posts are years old. It is semi hidden (not incredibly easy to find) which doesn't help.

If you are talking about the "armor" that fits atop/over the fenders/quarters, I'm not a fan. Will they help protect from impact in extreme offroad situations? Probably..but they very likely hold water/moisture between them and the original panels which will likely cause rot over time much more severe than if they were not there. I do not like them, bolt on fender flares, molding, trim or anything else that traps water/moisture for that reason. Too many vehicles I have seen that would have been nearly perfect if the items described above did not trap water/moisture and cause rot. The exposed flats of the panels were completely rust free.

Not a huge deal when these vehicles were everywhere for dirt cheap and basically disposable, but they nor anything like them (relatively low cost, low tech/simple, rugged, reliable, straight axle 4x4 SUV) are ever going to be made again (.gov safety and environmental regulations won't allow it for one); and pricing on surviving examples is astronomical thanks to people like Davis Motorsports snatching them up for next to nothing, slapping some bolt on parts, doing a cheap repaint and jacking the price into the stratosphere. Personally I'd rather see someone build a buggy from scratch to beat to hell.