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Would anybody happen to know what size driveshaft I need for my 98 xj. I'm getting a 6" lift w/RE1811 SYE kit and I'd like to get it all at once, but I dont know the size ds I need, I know Im getting the 1860 cvo shaft, just not what size. So if anyone has a set up like this or knows a lot about driveshafts and lifted xjs I would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
If the set up your getting is the "hack & tap" kit, there is a predetermined driveshaft length already calc'd out. When you place your order, you'll need the measurement of your current driveshaft from center of u-joint to center of u-joint. That size determines what driveshaft you'll get.

The driveshaft length varies from XJ to XJ depending on drive train configuration; ie auto vs. 5 spd, command trac vs select trac, D35 vs Corp 8.25.

Your paying about 50$ more for that SYE kit than needed.Save that money a call Tom Woods for your driveshaft!