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Rear Driveshaft length


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I’m planning installing a 6.5 inch long arm kit, as well as an sye on my jeep in the near future. I’ve never done an sye and I was wandering if anyone might know what size and kind of driveshaft I need for the rear. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me.

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You are going to need a double cardan DS with 1310 U joints, if you have a stock rear end. As for length that's tricky. I would install your SYE first and measure exactly what you need. If you buy something first there is no guarantee it will fit. I understand not all SYE kits are the same length so telling you my length might not work. I used Toms Woods when I bought a new front DS and it has been great. Very helpful website that helps you order exactly what you need. Tells you where to measure and what the options mean.

I would do as suggested above. When you have the lift, SYE ect. in place, then measure front the center of the rear yoke to the center of the front yoke. Then add 1 inch. That should be your expanded length. Tom Woods or Adams. I just picked up and Adams drive shaft for $200. Should fit me 2" lift. Also, what type of axle you are using can change the length. I have/had a Ford 8.8 in both of my XJs. I did have issues with the one as the 8-1/4 was changed to the Ford 8.8. The Ford had less than 1/2 inch extension. It would bind sometimes and get squirrelly. I'm sure Tom Woods or Adams will help when you give them the length between the yokes. Also, might contact them as to the pinion angle needed for the rear axle and you lift.
I did do a Hack-n-Tap on both of mine. With a 6.5 lift and I assume heavy OffRoad, then I'd go with a true SYE.