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Driver safety - use of LED headlights


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Just a friendly reminder for everyone with lifted jeep XJs who install LED headlights and drive on public streets. I added a 3.5” lift to my XJ and installed LEDs. For the safety of other drivers I then adjusted the headlight position 3.5 inches down to compensate for the lift.

Just adjust your lights down the same height as the new lift. Not doing so can impair other drivers’ vision and potentially cause an unnecessary accident.

Happy wheeling!

Simply adjusting the lights to compensate for the lift won't work well every time. A lot of it depends on beam pattern, cutoff, etc and that will vary by make/model of headlight. Just just a wall and adjust your headlights properly.
For sure, but the point of my post is they need to be adjusted to compensate for a lift. Most people I see on the road with a lift just throw them in they are pointing too high blinding other drivers.
Most people I see on the road with a lift just throw them in AND they are pointing too high blinding other drivers.
I believe the point is that one should adjust headlights when installing a lift.

I will stick with my H4 housings with Hella bulbs and upgraded harness.
If you lift evenly then your lights should not need to be adjusted. 3.5” of lift is negligible at 40ft away. I think the main suggestion should be check your lights and learn how to adjust them properly. There are measurements that should be done.

This is a good video showing the measurements that need to be done.


I usually just use a tape measure in a parking garage or something like that.
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